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  Justin's Hand Laid Custom Pinstriping is the art of applying 2 fine lines of metallic or gloss pinstriping to accent your vehicles style lines. We are  Master Pinstripers,  and possess a skillful and keen sense of style unmatched by anyone in MN !!
Our attention to detail with pinstriping, and our artful design and layout will add a touch of distinction to your ride. Justin has pinstriped  over 30,000 vehicles in MN  since we started keeping track in 2002!  He says he "Can add a cool yet distinctive stripe to any car you bring him."
Justin says he learned from the best, his father Mike Baker. Who started with three partners, pinstriping & "riveting on" Body side moldings in MN in 1974. Auto Trimmers has been adding accessories like Pinstripes and Body Side Moldings in the Twin Cities area for  over 35 years! 
Body Side Moldings are a nice accessory to add style to your new car. They also aid in preventing door dings from other people "swinging their door open" and denting and possibly scraping paint on/off your car, even though you parked perfectly! 
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